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We offer a  beautiful selection of SPS, LPS, and Soft Corals at pricing only available to our clientele.  

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A unique opportunity to have your questions answered by a professional.  Its kind of like having "cheat-codes" for your aquarium. 

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Our members have access to an exclusive list of products that we maintain for each individual.  This allows us to manage your supply closet and make sure you are well stocked.  


Many Thanks to my awesome friend and co-worker @fin.fanatics for the cool new home for my daughters beta "Jordan".. Thank you for being so kind and generous and for inspiring young minds to learn about marine life. 

M.M. Simi Valley, Ca.

I’ve always had a healthy fascination with aquariums - the serenity, the quiet grace of the fish, the steady flux of the light as it reflects through the water...  and it seems this trait has passed down to my daughters.  Knowing this, I was not in the least bit surprised when my girls took an immediate liking to the Fin Fanatics pages and posts.

What did surprise me; however, was when we won a contest via the Fin Fanatics Instagram and were suddenly the proud owners of our own, custom tank!  

More so, I was blown away by the passion and patience with which the tank in my home came to be.  The amazing folks from Fin Fanatics took the time to get to know my family (designing a custom tank for my daughters and I that is based on our favorite book series), to answer the 101 questions I asked (no joke - I asked and asked and their patience and quick response times were incredible), and to teach me how to care for our tank on an ongoing basis (showing me the ins and outs of tank care, and even taking it a step further, by continuing to be available to me when I have questions). 

My girls and I now enjoy our tank daily, mostly in the evenings as we wind down and prepare for bedtime. After days of sports, school, work, music lessons, dance, errands, and more; there is something reassuring about sitting down to be mesmerized by the brilliantly colored fish, the soothing hum of the filter, and the quiet enjoyment of being together. 

Thank you, Fin Fanatics, for all that you’ve done to help this single mom find peace in the chaos. It may be “just a tank” to some, but to my girls and I, our tank offers so much more.

C.B. - Simi Valley, Ca.

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