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Fin Fanatics

If you have ever gone into a local fish store as a consumer, you encounter a vast selection of products, livestock, and corals for your aquariums.  There are chemical additives and buffers, filters, feeders and equipment galore.  If you want advice,  well get in line, local fish stores are usually understaffed, expensive and the guy that has the answers is always busy with a customer.  I got tired of this and wanted something better. I decided that for my clients I would stay super small (overhead-wise) and take the time to provide the value I was looking for in a fish store to my clients.  

So why are we different?  

I started in this venture after many tried and failed attempts to grow coral.  I would read ten things on a specific coral only to go to the LFS, purchase the coral and have it die.  I did the research, I tested my tank water and had the LFS test my water as a secondary.  No matter what I did, I found some would live some would die. I wanted to reduce the mortality rate of the corals I was purchasing.  So I did more research and asked a lot more questions.  After years of issues, mostly wrong answers and far too much experimenting I was quickly becoming far more educated than any LFS employee.  I was trading in frags for store credit, and things were good. People were asking for my corals.  I could be on to something.  

In this hobby knowledge is everything.

Without reliable and honest advice you are merely left to experimentation in your tanks.  Sure, you can find a forum and ask where to put your new one-inch $150 Walt Disney® Tenius Acropora.  You may get lucky, and it may live but remember you just spent $150 on 1 inch of something that WILL die if you don't get it right.  For me, that is too much uncertainty.  I don't have that money to throw away and would prefer if my coral investments would live. So I started applying my research and new methods to tanks.  Guess what,  they worked.  I am now a seasoned pro and can grow just about any coral.  I have even helped others grow them successfully over the years.    

In this world of fast-paced impulse buying, we choose to slow it down.  

We do things a little different.  We take the time to find out a bit of information about you and your tank.  We will give you concrete advice, and any tips we discovered along the way while we were growing the coral.  These are living creatures, and they have preferences.  As their caretaker, I know every single coral we sell.   That is why you don't see millions of items listed for sale on our site.  First, we want it to be more educational.  Secondly, If you are one of our clients we want to make sure you receive a fantastic experience.  So for that reason, we limit our online sales to our clients only.   During your initial visit, we encourage you to ask questions and not be rushed.  We find slowing things down and talking to our clients allows us to be more successful. 

All in-person sales are by appointment only.   

All Internet orders are shipped with UPS NEXT DAY AIR - No exceptions!  

We find they seem to handle our packages better and we have a better success rate. 

All orders include a free 15-minute consultation/followup.  You will be able to ask any question you have regarding your new coral.  Tank parameters flow rates, lighting types and such.  


Thanks for checking us out.