Mushroom Corals

Mushroom and Ricordea corals are large soft polyps which can be acquired singly or as colonies. Many varieties of mushrooms exist with all sorts of colors and textures. While there are fewer Ricordea species including Ricordea Florida from the Caribbean and Ricordea Yuma from the Pacific, the color morphs that can be found seem to be almost limitless at times which can make them quite popular with collectors.

These corals are undemanding and easy to care for. They tend to be fast growing with low aggressiveness and are also easy to frag. This combined with their bright colors makes them excellent beginner corals.

Mushrooms prefer low to moderate light, with brighter lighting they need to be acclimated with care to avoid bleaching. Mushrooms tend to expand significantly larger in lower lighting systems. Give them moderate water flow because these soft polyps can be battered and irritated by the excessive flow.

Place Mushrooms and Ricordea in the lower half of the tank and while every effort should be made to maintain good water quality, these corals are fairly forgiving of minor lapses and may even absorb some of their nutrients directly from the water. Ricordea, especially Ricordea Yuma may be somewhat more demanding than Mushrooms.

Special Notes
Some Mushrooms, especially larger ones, can take large bits of meaty food and may be fed if desired to encourage growth. Very large mushrooms such as Giant Cups have been known to capture and consume live fish that get too close, such as clownfish looking for a surrogate anemone.

Smooth skin mushrooms are usually Discosoma types and more rough surface mushrooms are generally Rhodactis. Both types are easy to keep.